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What are the Strengths of the Software?

  • Drag & Drop Application
  • Multi Regional and Multi Date Time Format
  • Multi User Access (SQL version) & Authorization Level
  • Complex Shift : Flexible Shift, Effective hour, Fixed Shift, pattern shift, Roster
  • 1 (one) Year Employee performance direct review (Year at a Glance)
  • Personalized & Flexible Text File Setting and Exporting
  • Direct database connection to DB2, Oracle, SAP through DSN application
  • Complete Attendance Report
  • Automatic Reader or Room Relocation through Software
  • Graphical User Interface for the report
  • User Friendly
  • ftp automatic data transfer
  • Automatic text file create
  • Multi Language

Why Us?

8 Reasons why Customers choose SKBL

Complete Solution from a Single Supplier

We do the integration for you, hassle-free. No need to worry about Tech Support or Warranty Coverage.

Custom Solutions, not just Equipment

We listen carefully to our clients' project requirements and budget allocation. We then advise them accordingly and help them select the right equipment for their needs.

Professional Technical Support

Our technical team is always available (phone/workshop) to answer any of our clients' questions or queries. 24/7 online support is available for Troubleshooting Guides, Schematics, Wiring and Pricing.

High Quality Products

Our suppliers have extensive technical experience and knowledge in selecting and designing the best value quality products for our clients. All our products undergo rigorous Quality Control. Regular updates and improvements are available from the R&D team.

Strong Documentation

We are continuously producing specifications, schematics, application notes for all our products; extremely useful when bidding for big projects or simply for customized presentations to end customers.

Fair Pricing

We observe the market price closely and offer competitive prices. We want the best deals for our customers.

Dedicated After-Sales Service & Full Spare Parts Inventory

Damaged products (under warranty or not) are repaired instantly. Clients having a Maintenance & Service Contract benefit from damaged equipment being replaced immediately by a new one until the defective one is repaired.

Credible Establishment

SKBL is a well established company with rock-solid credibility. We have been in the Time & Attendance and Access Control business for more than 20 years & we are here to stay and expand.

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